Sexism in fiction – Ladies I need your help

Fellow Bloggers, I need your help – Is my book sexist?

Before you skim along, thinking this is a means for me to garner female favour or to promote my book, I really need your help with this.

Now, I do not believe in saying that I am in touch with my ‘feminine side.’ I do not really know what that means. That certain personality or behavioural traits should be defined as gender specific is ludicrous. I am however painfully aware of the lack of positive or powerful roles there are for women in science-fiction. I acknowledge there are vast and highly popular exceptions to this, Ripley, Trinity, Leia.


But for every good example there are ten others, where women appear in stories as victims, for sexual reasons, as mothers, wives and daughters who need to be saved by some hero dripping machismo and one liners to make them swoon, drop their knickers and thank God or The Third Moon of Xxylon for man.

They are all too often titular cliches of the powerless, gorgeous and scantily clad.

I never made a conscious effort to write strong female characters in my book, the story demanded it and I am hoping I have pulled it off (insert ironic innuendo here.)

So before I launch into the daunting salvo of Book 2, can I ask you a question? Are the women characters in my book well rounded? Is there a balance? Do I need to make more of an effort to address what I see as an imbalance? Or am I doing OK?

My plan is to introduce more positive female roles in Book 2 as I am mindful that the three main female characters in my book are all quite negative. Powerful, but negative (I mean, the main ‘bad guy’ is not a guy at all.)

So if you are interested in giving me an opinion – I am very interested in hearing it. I would happily email you a free ebook copy that you can read through the Kindle app on any tablet or Kindle device. Or I can send directly to your Kindle via your Kindle Email address. Or if you prefer, as a word.doc file.

Just contact me through this blog, with details and I will do the rest. Alternatively you can email directly on

A link to my book on Amazon: Blood On Borrowed Wings

I would really value your opinion before launching into book 2.

Thank you




Help! Pick my book cover – quick vote now.

pierluigi 2nd draft coverCOVER (A)

pierluigi 3rd draft coverCOVER (B)

Please Vote for your favourite cover below. If you have any comments on how it can be improved, please let me know.

My book is a dark sci-fi thriller called Blood on Borrowed Wings.

The cover has been done by a very talented and generous artist (his copyright) who has asked me what I think. The problem is…I like them both and am not sure what, if anything, to change. So please let me know.

Come on WordPress and Facebook – do your magic thang.



Laws of Blogging 1

The ease at which one is distracted is directly correlated to the difficulty of the task.


The more difficult the task, the easier we are distracted.

Like trying to make a blog sound interesting long after you should have stopped writing and… Oooh look, a cloud.

Men, Women, Mars and Venus

There is a saying that states there is more difference within the sexes than between them. There is another book that would argue we are from different planets.

Here are a few other thoughts offered up to me by my Dad

Women will always be right and men will never understand why they are wrong.

Always listen to what they say – because at some point they will say ‘you haven’t been listening to a word I say!’ then you can regurgitate said preamble and carry on reading your paper smugly.

If you are walking a small group of girls home after a party or club, always make sure the pretty one lives furthest away.

Great Advice to Writers – Questions

Education is the losing of opinions. Not the gaining of them.

I know, I know… when it comes to advice for writers I have a distinct take it or leave it kind of attitude. For such a broad , all encompassing field, there is rarely any advice that suits everyone. One size, or font, does not fit all.

That said though, something occurred to me when reading someones’ blog yesterday She was brave and talented enough to share something she had written in her early teens. I noticed that within it were a multitude of questions.
Not facts, certainties, assumptions and definites. Questions. A need to question, to find out, to investigate, to subvert, to understand. To pull at the loose threads at the corners of the world and see what unravels.

And does this not became harder as we become older or more experienced? To keep an open mind, to ask the basic questions of how things work and why they are the way they are?
And to change them?

Is it not a writers job to ask questions? To make sense of things or to make nonsense of things? Doesn’t all fiction begin with a question –
What if…?

So comment if you have the time, I would really appreciate it. And I am very interested to know your thoughts.

What questions do you ask before starting a story / novel?
What questions do you ask during the writing process? (Apart from why the hell do I do this to myself?)
What do you ask during your edit?
And when finished?

Please share this blog with anyone you know who writes – I am keen to hear as many ideas as I can on this.
Thanks for dropping in. Good to see ya.