The clique of geek – Science-fiction

Do you have to be a geek to enjoy science fiction?

Is there a stigma to the genre?
Is the news right? Is the geek economy in turmoil (at least I think that’s what the newsreader said?)

My hair is neither lank or dyed black, I even wash occasionally – yet I have chosen to write a science fiction book.


It chose me.
The story and characters emerged and told me where they needed to live, and when.
They told me to forget any illusions of literary credit or note, credibility or ease of marketing. They flew me to a saturated market and kicked me out of the zeppelin.

In short, they screwed me over.

I have exacted my revenge by putting them all through the wringer, I’ve killed a few of them off. Maimed them. Dangled a love interest to get their hopes up, then dashed them on the rocks of hubris.
(And let me tell you, dangling a love interest can often get you into trouble!)

With them all put to rights, I am hoping to soon stop cringing when I talk of the genre of my book. To quell any embarrassment or misplaced concern…and if I can’t?

Well I can always hop into a time machine, onto a dinosaur, into a black hole or bestride a BMX with a hoodie wearing telephone addict and escape.

I mean any escape is good, right?


One thought on “The clique of geek – Science-fiction

  1. sonofthemountains 08/02/2015 / 10:15 am

    Any escape is fun, but only good if it helps you sort your mind out. If it numbs you, though, then…Well….

    Also, I really hate having to define a book by genre. Especially these days, when music has an unlimited amount of genres, it seems (go read a week’s lineup of live bands playing in Athens, GA, in the Athens Banner-Herald), and more books are being self-published each year than the entire history of written books pre-20th Century, one would think we could just do away with genre titles by now. Why can’t we just say “it’s a book, here’s a bare-bones summary of what you can expect, please enjoy?”

    Genres scare me, as an author — BECAUSE of their fans/readers…..

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