The Auntie Doris Years #70 – 1979

Auntie D – hitter of nails on heads.

Auntie Doris

imageThatcher. I didn’t ruddy vote for her. Even though I liked the idea of seeing a woman in the top job, I didn’t ruddy well want it to be her. You have to draw the line somewhere, and I drew it with her. She was the ruddy Daily Mail incarnate; All posh hairdos and elocution lessons, scaremongering us about the Russians being bent on world domination one minute, and cheating the Scots out of independence the next. Not to mention pinching the ruddy milk out of the kiddies mouths.
She was Prime Minister for eleven miserable years. Where there was harmony she brought discord, where there was truth, she brought lies and where there was hope, she brought despair. Not for her Daily Mail reading chums, but for millions of ordinary people up and down the country. Particularly in the North.
She called Nelson Mandela a “grubby little terrorist” but…

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