How Math, Physics and Japanese Philosophy Helps You Get Things Done

On Procrastination.



Five birds are sitting on a wire. Three decide to fly south. How many are left?

Did you get two? Yeah, I did too the first time I heard this riddle.

The answer, however, is five.

Now, before you jump to the conclusion that this word problem is one of those Common Core math questions that stump even reasonably math savvy parents who struggle to help their third grader with their homework, stop and think.

Simply because three birds decide to fly, no flying is actually happening. Only flapping their little wings and positioning their tiny chevron due south leaves two birds on the wire.

It comes down to this: Decisions are not actions.

Oh how I wish they were.

If number of times I decided to cook more frequently, organize my closet or write a book were correlated with those things actually happening, I would not know the delivery…

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