A Cosmopolitan Lads Mag: Are You Offended?

In the “Men and Women’ theme, found this interesting.

Grosvenor Report

image (source 9gag.com)

By The Editor.
Consider the above image. As a man, personally I would be rather uncomfortable purchasing any magazine advertising similar articles. Obviously this fake Cosmopolitan magazine cover has been created satirically, however after having a long think about the general content of women’s magazine covers, I was a little surprised at the topics and article titles.

‘Cosmopolitan For Men’ offers the reader enticing articles such as ‘Ode to a Penis’ and pondering the question about whether a man being too nice is a problem. It would be understandable if a woman was offended by any of the articles advertised, especially ‘Sh*t My Girl Says’ and its questionable tagline.
Consider a few more articles:

‘Get in Her Head….. and in Her Bed’

Would Your Woman Pay for Sex?’

’12 New Woman Skills’

‘Take Control of Your Money, Your Life and Your Woman’

‘The Silent Way She Shows She’s Whipped’


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